How We Do Business

To meet the needs of the aviation employees on the Ardmore Airpark, the concept of having a well prepared, quick and hearty meal within minutes and at a reasonable price. This goal became realized by offering a limited menu and a daily Blue Plate special.

Our Story

Jerry Allan King-Echevarria (JAKE) has operated an aircraft maintenance and customizing company on the Ardmore Airpark since 1993. Over the years, several independently owned restaurants have opened and closed on this site, often leaving those at the Airpark with no alternative but to drive several miles away to the closest eateries. JAKE wanted a place where he, his employees and clients could get a good meal at a reasonable price without having to drive a long distance.

A team of renowned Chefs and a couple good old country cooks were retained to develop a menu of JAKE‘S favorite meals. The items on the menu are served at his ranch, home and favorite restaurants. When you order an "alcoholic drink" at JAKE‘S JOINT it is going to be JAKE‘s very own Puerto Rican Bacardi Superior Rum in a tall glass with two limes and diet coke. JAKE hopes that you enjoy your meal but it‘s to his standards and no one else‘s! Needless to say that is why the place is called JAKE‘S JOINT where it‘s truly "Food Fit For a King!"